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Hymntroductions™ are organ introductions for hymns, based on Mike Carson's Hymnbellishments. They are shorter in length than the individual hymns, and the melody is prominent.

The organ introduction….
1. announces the hymn tune
2. establishes the key and tempo
3. demonstrates the rhythm, mood, and style
4. suggests the volume with which the hymn is to be sung


The introduction teaches the singers in just a few seconds how the hymn will be sung―in tempo, rhythm, mood, and volume. The introduction should match the desired volume and tempo of the first verse.

Listen to samplings of the introductions by clicking one of the buttons below.

Sacrament Hymns

Hymntroductions for SACRAMENT HYMNSMike Carson
00:00 / 16:03
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Holiday Hymns
General Hymns

Hymntroduction collections will be available soon for purchase at

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